On Coursera.org you can find course dedicated to PV. At the moment there is no open session, however in my opinion it is worth to follow the course,  if you are interested in getting more knowledge about PV. The course is in french, so that can be additional obstacle. I could not find anything in english.

Small Scale PV performance update:

In Warsaw cludy again, voltage below 12 V, during whole day the light in the kitchen is on ( supplied by PV) so batteries do not have easy life.





Two weeks of clouds

For last two weeks there were practically no sun . Due to that, the voltage in the system was below 12 V all the time. As for the moment main energy receiver is LED light in my kitchen ( about 12 W), it is still OK. However, if I wanted to run my laptop using 12 V charger, we can say about only 30 -45 minutes of work.

Charging current right now ( 11.30 Warsaw time)  - about 160mA ( nominal cells power - 60 W). That gives us about 1.6 W. Not a lot if you think about continuous domestic consumption supply.

Conclusion: No sun, no fun :) at least in terms of  PV

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    Hi, I am Michal. My idea was to start my own small scale PV system in my flat. I live in Poland, Warsaw district.


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