I have bought recently a voltage / current electronic gauge,similar to the one below. The objective was to check simply the charging performance online.

So the first conclusion is: however the nominal current of panel is 1.74 A, on 9th of Feb with rather cloudy sky above Warsaw  I can not reach higher value than 0.7A. There are two same 30W panels connected at the moment, so we can roughly calculate about 1.4A max charging current, around 18W max performance.

18W from 60W in total --> 30% of nominal capacity. I expect much lower values with really cloudy sky.

Of course with clear sky the value could be higher, but as it is rather standard weather at the moment we can assume that the PV systems work with about 50% of capacity.

If you have any other observations from your PV installations, please share in comments.

On Coursera.org you can find course dedicated to PV. At the moment there is no open session, however in my opinion it is worth to follow the course,  if you are interested in getting more knowledge about PV. The course is in french, so that can be additional obstacle. I could not find anything in english.

Small Scale PV performance update:

In Warsaw cludy again, voltage below 12 V, during whole day the light in the kitchen is on ( supplied by PV) so batteries do not have easy life.

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